Space and Time

  A Road Traffic Crash is the result of one or more drivers running out of 2-essential ingredients

Space and Time

Over 95% of these involve human error

July 2003 Sweden

Speeding Motorcyclist collides with Car + Driver using Hand Held Mobile Phone

The Honda 750cc male motorcyclist was travelling at a 155mph (250KM/h) The elderly female driver of the VW Golf who was using a mobile phone whilst pulling out from a junction into the path of the motorcycle.

Both rider & driver at fault - 3-Persons killed - Motorcyclist / Driver & Front Seat passenger

 Motorcycle penetrated side of car. Force of impact flipped car over

Motorcycle embedded in VW Golf

March 2013 UK

 When things go seriously wrong

Urban housing estate - 30mph area - One vehicle only involved (Audi TT) - Young male driver - Critical Injuries

01.45 Hrs Sunday 24/03/13 - Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

Excessive speed results in Audi TT embedded in house

March 2013 Australia

 When things go seriously wrong

Causation Factor:- Fatigue

Urban Dual-Carriageway - 70kph area - Descending Straight Road - One vehicle involved (Toyota)

Female driver (30's) - 3 Children (Ages 1 - 3 - 5) - Minor Injuries

02.15 Hrs Tuesday 26/03/13 - West Pennant Hills, Sydney, Australia

 No Judgement / Pure Luck

Road Crash caused by Driver Fatigue


January 2015 Australia

When things go seriously wrong

Urban Dual-Carriageway - 8 Vehicle Crash:- 2-Persons Killed + 4 Injured

Scene spread over a few hundred metres. Police looking at a number of factors, including drugs, alcohol and speed.

Morning of Tuesday 06/01/15 - A3 Concord Road, junction with Mary Street, Rhodes, West Sydney, NSW 2138

A MAN killed in a double fatality was driving so erratically his passenger demanded he stop to let him out moments before the black Mercedes Benz became an airborne missile

Vehicle Crashes Don't Just Happen

Urban Dual-Carriageway - 8 Vehicle Crash:- 2-Persons Killed + 4 Injured