Speed Awareness

As an experienced trainer engaged in delivering (UK) National Speed Awareness Scheme courses for 8-years I have experienced at first hand how these courses have had a positive influence in focussing on positive 'Driver Attitude' towards making responsible speed management choices for the future.

Speed Awareness is not just about exceeding any given Speed Limit but educating drivers to make appropriate choices in their management of speed within any Speed Limit area. In other words the Speed Limit may be LEGAL but MAY NOT BE SAFE at that time because of varying factors, i.e. weather condition, road conditions, traffic conditions, time of day, etc.

Courses are attended by drivers from all walks of life, young and old, male and female, experienced and inexperienced. Upon their completion delegates will often state that they wished they had attended this type of course years before and ask if these courses are available to drivers who have not committed Speed Offences.

This is particularly true of delegates that are parents and are concerned about the safety and training of their own son's or daughters that are newly qualified and inexperienced drivers.

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Some drivers unfortunately do not address their 'Driving Attitude' and 'Management of Speed' until they have received a number of driving convictions and a further court appearance is on the horizon where they are facing a potential driving ban.

Worse case scenario the driver is involved in a crash that could cause themselves or others 'INJURY' or 'DEATH'

On occasions legal representatives advise their clients to attend a course of training and driver assessment prior to court appearance.

At the conclusion of these sessions the driver and their legal representative are issued with an unbiased and detailed assessment report that can be presented in court.

This type of work has been undertaken on many occasions by Advanced-Driving-Skills Ltd which has provided positive behavioural change in the offending driver.

This has on occasions been seen by the court as a positive and responsible course of action taken by the defendant and has resulted in a further driving conviction but without the loss of their driving licence.

These are the words of drivers that took the advice of their legal representative:-

"At Court the Magistrates gave me 5 penalty points and a £500.00 fine. I'm very happy with the outcome as I had set myself up for much worse. Thank you very much for all your effort with report and most interesting training which has genuinely changed the way I think about my driving. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else who has experienced the same driving issues as myself."

Charlie, Warwick

"It does what it says on the can! I was a driver with a road attitude, which did not take too much consideration for other road users. Paul has guided me by regressing knowledge and attitude long since forgotten"

Tony, Buckingham

"Just thought I'd let you know that things went well for me.  The magistrates used their discretion and decided not to disqualify me, instead I have 6 points on my licence.  I am really very pleased and have no fear of receiving any more points after our training session this week.  The magistrates took this training into consideration and it really has changed my attitude to driving, so thank you very much - from me and my wife/family."

Paul, Birmingham