"Paul has a reassuring style, uncomplicated and focused on one or two areas which builds confidence quickly" 

Ray, Cirencester

"Thanks, we had a great day. Very informative and will enable to develop my system further"

Ross, Gloucester

"Paul is very professional and approachable and made me feel very comfortable. This was definitely the most inspiring and transformational training that I have had. It was very enjoyable and I feel my driving and technique have been positively impacted"

Maria, Warwick

"Paul was exceptional in every aspect of the course"

Steve, Bristol

"Very professional and knowledge to suit. Feel very safe with him"

Steve, Cirencester

"Paul had a very relaxed style which belies the keen observation that is being undertaken"

Lynn, Bidford on Avon

"I had a very positive session with Paul and felt that the advice given will help me self develop. Paul's manner made me feel comfortable and less nervous. This made the experience enjoyable and therefore very helpful"

Maxine, High Wycombe

Excellent, neither intrusive or reserved. Paul rapidly assessed the best technique to develop my skills, hence the improvement shown in my driving throughout the course of the day"

Jim, Birmingham

"It does what it says on the can! I was a driver with a road attitude, which did not take too much consideration for other road users. Paul has guided me by regressing knowledge and attitude long since forgotten"

Tony, Buckingham

"Starting a job which requires me to be on the road 5 days a week, I feel that this course and the way it was delivered was very beneficial and I will take a lot away from it. Thank you"

Shima, London

"Very relevant for anyone who drives. The road would be a better place if everyone was made to do this course"

Ella, High Wycombe

"Calm delivery of training. Excellent people skills whilst maintaining focus and control over the days objectives"

Mark, Crowthorne

"Delivery was excellent, explained very clearly and in a concise manner. Good to understand certain daily situations that you may face and also how to avoid them"

Andrew, Witney

"Plenty of coaching and a collaborative style. Really forced me to think and identified new techniques"

Richard, Chippenham

"Trainer with extensive experience in road safety, excellent delivery and helpful tips"

Pawel, Oxford

"Confidence on the road has never been a thing I could say about myself and this is developing thanks to the sessions that I have now undertaken"

Juliet, Bath

"Paul really identified my areas for improvement and focussed on them throughout the day. I really learnt a lot from the demo drive, this was the turning point for me being able to see what I needed to be demonstrating was extremely beneficial"

Liz, Fulbrook

"Paul's perspective and insight allowed me to explore scenarios that we may have encountered on our drive. Those we did allowed us to explore other outcomes"

Jon, Crick