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Driving any class of motor vehicle on today's congested roads is a High Risk activity for any driver.

Enhancing and developing  'Driving Skills' should not cease following the passing of a Driving Test. This should be an ongoing skill that requires constant development by every driver.

Over 95% of Road Traffic Crashes are caused by Human Error. A 'Road Traffic Crash' is the result of 2-Essential Ingredients having been lost by one or more drivers, 'Space and Time'

Having spent 18-years as a Police Traffic Patrol Officer I have dealt with many Serious and Fatal Road Crashes that were both Foreseeable and Avoidable.

Police Traffic Patrol Motorcycle
Police Traffic Patrol Car

Advanced Driving Skills training develops these skills by providing the driver with the Space and Time required to identify and manage Hazards. This is where Defensive Driving fits within Advanced Driving.

Advanced Driving Skills can also provide Driving and Road Safety Seminars to both small and large groups.

Present qualifications, skills and experiences has enabled Advanced Driving Skills to provide it's services to drivers within developed and developing country's.

Urban Rush Hour Traffic
Traffic Congestion